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An Ambulance is a route to medical emergencies

Starting a day with a team of the Medical Emergency System: a couple of accidents, a stroke and a suicide attempt in everywhere in Dhaka city.

Barely 10 minutes past 9.30 in the morning, rush hour in Dhaka. Traffic congested the city from North to South. The coordination center of the Desh Ambulance Service (Desh) warns by radio of an accident at the Mirpur 1 busy area. Ekramul Haque, territorial head of the Desh Ambulance in Dhaka city, activates the siren and changes the direction of the intervention vehicle he drives. On the roof of the car, a blue light alarm tries to disperse the crowd. It seems a minor accident, with a taxi and a motorcycle involved. “They are usually minor injuries, erosions or falls. In summer, it happens to be poorly protected, with parts of the body in the air ”, explains Haque. A medicalized ambulance and another with a technician and a nurse are also on their way.

Haque steps on the accelerator and begins defensive driving. This means that you can do what you want – skip traffic lights, exceed the allowed speed – but always at your own risk. When he arrives at the scene of the accident, Masudur Rahman, Urban Guard and a couple of para medic of Desh ambulances are already taking care of those affected. “The biker has abrasions on the leg. He will go to the hospital on his own, ”summarizes a nurse. The First Aid teams finish the service and return to the base until further notice.


When a citizen calls 01790509607, the coordination center of the Desh – it has a headquarters in Dhaka Mirpur area and another in Dhaka -, starts up to meet the demand and activate the necessary resource. “This is the brain of Desh. We receive all calls, from an emergency to a consultation, and the most appropriate solution is given, ”explains the chief of the Desh Ambulance Team,  Khaled Mosharrof, from the command room. In Dhaka there are More than 500 ambulances are active, 20% of basic life support, formed by one health technicians. In addition, in Dhaka city there has no helicopters strategically located in the city.

On the way through the city, the Mobile Phone sounds again: a rider with passenger of Pathao has injured. It happens often. The Desh handles more than one case daily.

“A person has an episode of agitation and does not have to be linked to a mental disorder. There is a very fine line that separates mental disorder from everyday stress that can overwhelm people. And if you have taken drugs, this can cause organic or psychic disorders, ”explains a team member of Desh.

It is 12.51 noon and the radio sounds again, a woman with a possible stroke from Dhanmondi area. Stroke is, along with myocardial infarction, two of the pathologies where time is crucial for the patient’s prognosis. Several emergency teams move to the place of the warning and the central activates, a coordination device to have all the resources prepared, from the ambulance to the transfer hospital, to attend the patient in the shortest possible time.“These diseases are time-dependent. There is a part of the time that depends on the health system, since the call comes in, a supply is generated, the ambulance is sent and it takes the patient to a hospital for better treatment. But there is another part that depends on the patient or his environment, which is the time it takes to notify us. What it takes to notify us because of chest pain or because it stops moving a part of the body, is the time when the heart or brain is dying, ”Khaled explains. When the doctor arrives with his vehicle, the ambulance is already starting at the closest Clinic hospital. It’s been 15 minutes since the call. There, the neurology team is already on notice and ready to receive the patient.

On the way to the Square Hospital central, the mobile phone returns to launch an alert: a suicide attempt of a minor admitted to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Several units have already moved to the place. DMCH also has the Suicide Risk Code, another coordination device between medical services to detect and monitor suicide attempts. In this case, in addition to the initial intervention to stabilize it, the child will remain under the control of child and adolescent health services for at least one year.

Khaled is an expert in emergencies and has coordinated emergency work on earthquakes and hurricanes. Despite everything, he says: “This is the most beautiful job in the world. You provide a chance of survival. You reach out to that entire person’s continuity until we are here. ” And the Mobile Phone sounds again.



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The goal is to increase institutional delivery, improve ambulance service MA pass Sudharani

After the passing of the MA, everyone dreams of a secure future with a good job. Sudharani Singh, the daughter of Shyamguch village in the middle of the Chopra block, Panchayat, also had that dream. But not for yourself, but for others. The steering of her hands is in pursuit of this dream.  Should a pregnant be taken to a health center at Aj Paargaon overnight?

Only news reached Sudhrani. He will reach the ambulance and hurry there. Not once or twice, he does it repeatedly. With this contribution, the health department also acknowledges that the rate of institutional delivery has increased considerably in the area. Dr Jahangir Alam, a BMOH at Dalua Block Health Center, blamed the contribution of the improvement known as ambulance sister to many in the area. In her words, the private delivery of the young woman has reduced the rate of domestic delivery in the area.

Sudha Rani

Sudha Rani

Simple, the mind is always nervous. So after the post graduation, when the rest of the people are very busy in the job test, the youngest of five siblings did not want to float in mere waiting. He took two years of training to get a career in driving. Then the ambulance operates through a mediocre union. And since then, life has changed like magic. It was reported on the mobile that someone had to be taken to the hospital for delivery. Sudharani appeared there with his vehicle.

Only the nearest hospital? How many times did the patient have to go to Islampur subdivision hospital 40 km away or to North Bengal Medical College and Hospital 50 km away? Being a girl is not afraid to travel so far with the ambulance? Sudharani laughs at the question. She said, that is not the first fear that seemed a little daunting. But because I am a girl myself, I understand the pain of another girl. Ambulance Service from dad Subal Singh and others in the family added to the strength of Didi’s mind.

Asmatara Begum, chief of the Chhatra Panchayat Samiti, the leader of the Chhatra Panchayat Samiti, said that an ambulance was given to the mediation team from the border area development fund by handing over Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. With the aim of increasing the institutional delivery rate in the area. The member of the Sangh has been running it for two years. The rate of institutional delivery has increased significantly in his ambulance service area. Everyone is appreciative. Sudharani said, “Every time I get some money from the Sangha in exchange for taking the intestines to the hospital.” That’s my only income. But not so, if I get monthly salary has a system, I can do it better.


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Aerobic exercise at home

Aerobic exercise is the kind of exercise that causes the heartbeat to accelerate and the body begins to sweat. Examples include walking, bicycling, jogging, rope jumping, running, aerobic dancing, swimming. For a healthy person, aerobic exercise for 30 minutes is essential every day. But anyone can do more if they want. But it will depend on his physical fitness and ability. According to researchers, 300 minutes of aerobic exercise per week is enough for a healthy person.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises can release a type of chemical called endorphin, which reduces depression. Likewise, calories are easily lost as a result of such exercises, resulting in weight loss. So, aerobic exercises can play an important role in weight loss. If a person exercises aerobic for 30 minutes a day, then metabolism is most effective for the next one hour.

Aerobic exercise reduces the risk of heart disease, increases lung function, and strengthens the body’s long and lean muscles (thigh muscles). First of all, stay healthy and strong. However, for those who are beginning to exercise, or are suffering from heart disease or other physical problems, it is important to consult an expert before exercising.

Before starting any aerobic exercise it is important to complete the warm-up and cooling process. In this case loose clothing and comfortable shoes should be worn. It is possible to do aerobic exercise at home without going out.

Such As:

Jogging Jump

■ Stand with two legs open.

■ Jump with two hands up. Jogging jump burns 100 calories in 10 minutes.

■ Each jump can take 30 to 60 seconds for up to 10 to 30 minutes.


Rope Leap

■ Twenty minutes burns approximately 220 calories.

■ Although it is straightforward to look at, it is a high quality aerobic exercise.

■ Do this exercise for 10 to 30 minutes.

You can do any exercise for 30 minutes. Again, do any three aerobic exercises for 10 minutes each for total 30 minutes. For example: jogging, jogging jumps and rope jumps.

Physiotherapy consultant, PTRC

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The benefits of drinking Lemon Juice regularly in the morning.

The benefits of drinking Lemon Juice regularly in the morning.

We usually use lemon to enhance the taste of the food and to make the syrup on a hot day. But its benefits do not end there. Lemon contains vitamin C and minerals that help the lungs function properly to reduce our heart rate. And it is better to drink Lemon Juice in the morning. If you drink one cup of lemon water in the morning, your body will have magical benefits.

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