Air Ambulance

Air Medical Ambulance Transport

Most air ambulance services are either private business ventures or are affiliated with a major hospital group or trauma center.
These services can be either rotary winged (helicopter) or fixed wing (airplane). Desh ambulance has both services.
Our helicopter services are used to provide time-critical transport either from facility to facility or from the primary scene to a specialty resource center such as a tertiary care facility or a specialized trauma hospital.
Our fixed wing services move patients over long distances from facility to facility. Such as Bangladesh United hospital to Singapore mount Elizabeth Hospital. These services have to comply with countries government regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
In addition; our air medical ambulances can voluntarily be accredited by Bangladesh Government. Due to the significant health issues of patients being transported, there is a greater need for in-depth documentation. In addition to emergency transports, there are a variety of specialized transport situations in which a higher level staffing such as critical care nurses, respiratory therapists, and even physicians is needed. That’s why we can provide in a higher level of treatment as well as increased documentation requirements. These entities maintain medical records for patients they transport.
There may be additional requirements if the transport crosses border. Specialized equipment are used to provided by Desh Ambulance Services on these flights such as newborn isolettes, intraaortic balloon pumps (IABP), and others based on the patient’s condition and the necessity for the transport.

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