General Ambulance

General ambulance Service

Ambulance service in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

About Our General Ambulance Service

An ambulance is a vehicle specially designed and equipped to allow the transport of sick, injured or pregnant (woman about to give birth) to a hospital (public or private), to hospital or clinic – or a specialized care unit ( eg on care and rehabilitation and functional rehabilitation). 
An ambulance usually has the necessary medical equipment and first aid for the wounded. Desh ambulance service in Dhaka has all facilities in all ambulance fleet.
In our country Bangladesh, ambulance service are directed under the rules of the Highway Code.

Desh Ambulance Service
Desh Ambulance Service


We have big and small ambulance in Dhaka city. All ambulances services are equipped with oxygen, oxygen musk, stretcher, ventilation system, ambulance siren, driver with paramedic helper etc. You can call from anywhere in Dhaka and any time 24 hours. Just make a call, we will run to you.

General Ambulance Service Rent

The rent will be varied in Dhaka city in outside if Dhaka city.
Generally in Dhaka city: 1000 Taka – 4000 Taka, depends on time, distance, frequently use, waiting, returning etc.
Outside of Dhaka city: 4000 – 18,000 Taka (Any district or thana in Bangladesh)

Desh Ambulance Service Dhaka
Desh Ambulance Service Dhaka