Body contouring

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Body contouring

Exercise imparts vigour and activity to all organs and maintains healthy tone and quality of your muscle tissue. It helps the process of digestion, absorption and elimination. 
Exercise develops grace, poise and symmetry of the body. It stimulates the mind. The amount of exercise you take or don’t take surfaces itself in your general health and body form. Exercises should be self motivating. Your exercising schedule must be light in the beginning and should be augmented as your endurance increases. Avoid exercising soon after a meal. Shower to revitalise your body after a workout, you will feel great!

Ways of exercising to covet that great poking, toned body keep walking; Brisk walking is one of the best forms of exercising your whole body. Walking helps to burn up calories and assists in weight loss.


Jogging with chest and head held erect helps to flatten bulging abdomen and reduce fat collection at hips and things.


It assists you to breathe better and strengthens the spine. It tines flabby muchles and improves postures. Your skin begins to glow and your body attains the perfect shape. Yoga also builds inner strength and increases stamina.

Calisthenics is more beneficial to individuals who have a skeletal frame without much flesh. The push-ups, sit-ups, etc, helps to build up muscles and improve overall health.


Rhythmic exercises are an enjoyable and refreshing way to shred those extra inches.

This is good to build muscles and shaping your body.

An invigorating dip – Take to water swimming encourages greater muscle work due to the resistance current. Floating is beneficial to mind relaxation.

An hour of cycling in the early morning fresh air does a world of good for your complexion and also helps to shape up hips.

Gym: Women eye the gym with suspicious eyes. Having the false notion that gym exercises only contribute to bulk up and build rippling muscles. However, there is a couple of gym equipment that actually reshapes and re balances your body. The basic principle of applying force against resistance offered is known as resistance training Resistance training brings about a remarkable change in stamina and helps to contour the body.

Body contouring

Body contouring

Guidelines for Work Outs
Warming-up must precede any exercising activity. Simple stretches will suffice. Stretch as gracefully as possible.

Every movement must be smooth without jerking and injuring your body.
Avoid exercising am me diately after a meal. The ideal time to exercise will be early morning before your breakfast.
A shower may follow your work-out.
Start with the famous number ten and slowly increase as your stamina and endurance shoot up.
Never force yourself to compete with others and strain your body.
Follow the inhaling arid exhaling techniques correctly and rhythmically.
Skip your exercise if you are not well.
Track suits leg warmers and leotards are ideal for exercising as they do not restrict your movements.
Avoid drinking water while exercising.
Allow at least fifteen minutes to intervene between workouts and showers.

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