Drink Water – Refresh may reduce cancer odds

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Drink Water – Refresh may reduce cancer odds

DRINK Water up your 8 glasses. You have one more reason to hit your water mark today: A recent study suggests it might lower your risk of colon cancer. Research conducted at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, added hearty support to previous studies that linked high consumption of fruits, vegetables, grains and low-fat dairy products to a reduced risk of colon cancer. But there was a new finding:  When the data from the diet questionnaire completed by more than 400 middle-aged men and women with a history of colon cancer was compared with the same into gathered from their cancer free counterparts, another link appeared. Among women who drank more than five glasses of plain water a day, there were fewer cases of colon cancer. In fact, their risk was about half of what it was for women who drank fewer than two glasses a day. The same water intake afforded the men in the study only a suggestion of a reduced risk, a difference researchers say they can’t explain without further study.

Although water plays a vital role in the workings of the innards, it has rarely been considered in studies looking at diets. Scientists aren’t sure might provide this apparent benefit, but they offer several possibilities: Increase water intake could help prevent constipation and speed up the works in general. That might reduce the contact with, and concentrations of, carcinogens in the colon.

Unless you’re already ahead of the game on H2O, there’s no reason not to hike the number of glasses you’re drinking, since its intake has been shown to play more than a few positive roles in the body. The general recommendation for adults remains: at least eight glasses (8 ounces each) of water a day. To get more, pour more. Drink it with every meal, and dehydrate mid- morning and mid-afternoon. Keep a fresh pitch in the fridge and a fill the water bottle close by.

In this study, plain water was measured independently from other drinking water but nutritionists say you could include fluids milk, citrus juices.

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