Freezer Ambulance

Dead Body Carrier or Freezer Ambulance Service in Dhaka.

A freezer ambulance is a dead body carrier ambulance. It has freeze box in it. The freezer ambulance can intact the dead body several hours and days. People who wants to keep their relatives dead body intact or free from germs or viruses for several hours or several days, they can rent our freezer ambulance. Some time the dead body comes from abroad or they need to stay more than 12 hours before buried, in that case you need to this ambulance service. 

Freezer Ambulance

Freezer Ambulance

The freeze ambulance have freezer box and body shape is built with facilities which can carry coffin. Ventilation system is well so that the air can be kept refresh inside the ambulance. Well trained driver and assistant are always alert for the service. Necessary fuel are stored so that the ambulance engines will never stop because there are lack of diesel pump in village area.

Freezer ambulance rent is little bit high than general ambulance. Generally we take 8,000-10,000 within 100 KM distance from picking place of the dead body and 600 Taka per hour for waiting of the freezer ambulance. Long distance rent will be more. Such as to Chittagong city from Dhaka Airport, rent will be 20,000 Taka.

Remember that, Desh Ambulance service offer lower cost than other and with high quality ambulance. Either Dhaka city or any other districts in Bangladesh we will go after your calling.

Sometimes, you wanted to know how much the temperature will go for the dead body keep intact. For your kind information, the temperature will keep under -6 degree or -7 degree.

Most of our ambulance can run both oil and gas. So, no worried about fuel availability. Just a call to this emergency ambulance number 01790509607

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