The goal is to increase institutional delivery, improve ambulance service MA pass Sudharani

After the passing of the MA, everyone dreams of a secure future with a good job. Sudharani Singh, the daughter of Shyamguch village in the middle of the Chopra block, Panchayat, also had that dream. But not for yourself, but for others. The steering of her hands is in pursuit of this dream.  Should a pregnant be taken to a health center at Aj Paargaon overnight?

Only news reached Sudhrani. He will reach the ambulance and hurry there. Not once or twice, he does it repeatedly. With this contribution, the health department also acknowledges that the rate of institutional delivery has increased considerably in the area. Dr Jahangir Alam, a BMOH at Dalua Block Health Center, blamed the contribution of the improvement known as ambulance sister to many in the area. In her words, the private delivery of the young woman has reduced the rate of domestic delivery in the area.

Sudha Rani
Sudha Rani

Simple, the mind is always nervous. So after the post graduation, when the rest of the people are very busy in the job test, the youngest of five siblings did not want to float in mere waiting. He took two years of training to get a career in driving. Then the ambulance operates through a mediocre union. And since then, life has changed like magic. It was reported on the mobile that someone had to be taken to the hospital for delivery. Sudharani appeared there with his vehicle.

Only the nearest hospital? How many times did the patient have to go to Islampur subdivision hospital 40 km away or to North Bengal Medical College and Hospital 50 km away? Being a girl is not afraid to travel so far with the ambulance? Sudharani laughs at the question. She said, that is not the first fear that seemed a little daunting. But because I am a girl myself, I understand the pain of another girl. Ambulance Service from dad Subal Singh and others in the family added to the strength of Didi’s mind.

Asmatara Begum, chief of the Chhatra Panchayat Samiti, the leader of the Chhatra Panchayat Samiti, said that an ambulance was given to the mediation team from the border area development fund by handing over Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. With the aim of increasing the institutional delivery rate in the area. The member of the Sangh has been running it for two years. The rate of institutional delivery has increased significantly in his ambulance service area. Everyone is appreciative. Sudharani said, “Every time I get some money from the Sangha in exchange for taking the intestines to the hospital.” That’s my only income. But not so, if I get monthly salary has a system, I can do it better.

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