Health Tips

Drink Water – Refresh may reduce cancer odds

DRINK Water up your 8 glasses. You have one more reason to hit your water mark today: A recent study suggests it might lower your risk of colon cancer. Research conducted at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, added hearty support to previous studies that linked high consumption of fruits, vegetables, grains and low-fat dairy products to a reduced risk of colon cancer. But there was a new finding:  When the data from the diet questionnaire completed by more than 400 middle-aged men and women with a history of colon cancer was compared with the same into gathered from their cancer free counterparts, another link appeared. Among women who drank more than five glasses of plain water a day, there were fewer cases of colon cancer. In fact, their risk was about half of what it was for women who drank fewer than two glasses a day. The same water intake afforded the men in the study only a suggestion of a reduced risk, a difference researchers say they can’t explain without further study. Continue reading “Drink Water – Refresh may reduce cancer odds”

The Healthy Cookhouse || kitchen tips

EATING up a healthy spread begins with the apparatus and appliances of healthy cooking. Does your kitchen have what it takes? Check it out some kitchen tips to make your meal healthy. Continue reading “The Healthy Cookhouse || kitchen tips”

Body contouring

Exercise imparts vigour and activity to all organs and maintains healthy tone and quality of your muscle tissue. It helps the process of digestion, absorption and elimination.  Continue reading “Body contouring”

Safe ways to lose five kilos fast || how to lose weight

How to lose weight, read this carefully! I have a friend who seems to be permanently on a diet.

One week she’ll announce with pride that she has lost five kilos. A few weeks later she’ll confide unhappily that she has regained it. But you can’t blame her or the millions of other people who struggle with extra kilos.  Continue reading “Safe ways to lose five kilos fast || how to lose weight”

Keeping AIDS in the Public Eye

AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is primarily a sexually transmitted via other body fluids such as blood surgery; dentistry as well as blood transfusions can become a vehicle for transmission of the disease as well as the universal use of hypodermic needles as in the case of “needle-sharing” drug addicts, or multiple uses of syringes by doctors and other medical staff.  Continue reading “Keeping AIDS in the Public Eye”

Impacts of climate Change on health

PEOPLE have adapted to living in a wide variety of climates around the world from the tropics to the arctic, both climate and weather have a powerful impact on human life and health.  Continue reading “Impacts of climate Change on health”

Save your Life

Important steps to watch

SURE, most of us have our social security numbers and cash card codes on the tips of our tongue, but how many of us are know some other important numbers that can add years to our lives, like our cholesterol levels and blood pressure?  Continue reading “Save your Life”

Stone Crush Hospital

A Hospital with a difference

IN the arena of Private Hospital, Stone Crush is quite different, both in health care and commitment. Stone Crush has its successful history over a pretty long time for their extra ordinary contribution in the health sector, especially for lithotripsy.  Continue reading “Stone Crush Hospital”

Necessary Hygienic Steps for Ambulance

The ambulances used to carry sick and wounded people. The paramedics should be trained in hygiene and follow cleaning and disinfection rules. It is recommended to use disposable equipment.  Continue reading “Necessary Hygienic Steps for Ambulance”