International standard of treatment in National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases

National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases

International standard of treatment in National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases

National Heart Institute and Hospital is the only government specialized hospital for the treatment of heart disease in the country. Although National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases has been accused of massive irregularities in the treatment of heart disease, it is undergoing public-health treatment.

In addition to increasing the range and quality of service, the facilities of common beds, cabins, ICUs, CCUs, Cath labs and operation theaters are increasing almost twice to three times.

As a result, the poor people of the country will get modern and international standard medical care in little expense.

An average of 950 to 1000 patients are admitted to the hospital every day. In contrast, the number of beds in the hospital is 414. In addition, the outpatient and emergency departments receive about a thousand patients every day. But due to lack of adequate infrastructure and other facilities, patients have to seek medical care through various difficulties. In view of these things, the work of vertical extension has begun at the hospital. The hospital authorities said it would be possible to provide the necessary facilities after the completion of this work.

Dr. Among the steps taken by Afzalur Rahman is to provide free streptokinase injections to heart patients. A free injection is being offered at CCU-1 and CCU-2. The market value of each injection is 5 to 6 thousand taka. And all the hospitalized patients are being given free four enoxaparin injections for the first two days.

Moreover, the development work is underway. Help Desk has been launched. The accommodation of third-class employees has been ensured. Informational forms about visitor ID cards and overall service for patient visitors. There are also complaint boxes. So that the hospital authorities can know the allegations directly. Non-invasive cardiology department has started to provide advanced medical care.

In addition, the FFR and IVAS machines have already been installed at CathLab, purchasing stents, valves and oxygenator machines for free delivery to poor patients.

Recently, the hospital authorities paid special attention to the study of patients with heart disease. Accordingly, Open Heart Surgery is in the process of setting up new and modern three HeartLang machines for patients. Only 3 out of 6 OTs in the hospital was open for open heart surgery. An OT has already been completed by repairing a HeartLang machine. Once all the machines have been installed, it will be possible to work in all of the 6 OTs. Meanwhile, the purchase of new machines for angiogram and angioplasty has also been reported. With the starting of these two types of machines, 6 patients can be angiogram.

In the modernization of the emergency department two new eco machines, two ECG machines and three observation beds have been set up. Duty arrangements have been made for six doctors and 33 nurses in two shifts. In addition, a sophisticated electrophysiology machine has been set up to treat complex heart diseases. And the modernization of the institute’s library has already been completed for the convenience of doctors and student physicians.

It is reported that construction of a new 14-storey building at the National Heart Institute and Hospital is proposed in the DPB. When the work on that building is completed, a consultant room, cath lab, CCU, PCCU, cabin OT, ICU, cardiac surgery and cardiology department’s male and female wards will be launched.

All measures have been taken to make this institute and hospital an international standard. Special attention has been paid to prevent any poor patient from returning without receiving treatment.

About the steps taken to prevent hospital-centric corruption, all equipment was being purchased through CMSD so that there was no irregularity in the purchase of the hospital.  This organization will become as a symbol of the confidence of the people of the country.

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