United Hospital Dhaka

United Hospital Dhaka

The United Hospital

The United Hospital was established in a private initiative in the year of 2006 to provide quality healthcare to specialist doctors, skilled physiotherapists, nurses and others. The hospital has a total of 36 departments including cardiology, cardiac surgery, ENT, neuro surgery, general surgery, plastic surgery. Consultants, Specialists, Professors, Co-Professors are relentlessly servicing a total of 134 doctors, both permanent and temporary. The aesthetic architectural style and the clean air-conditioned indoor environment fills the minds of patients and their relatives.

Address and contact and location:

United Hospital, Plot-15, Road-17, Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Phone: – 8836000, 4436444, 01914001313
Fax: – 88-02-8836446
Emergency: – 01914-001234, 01914-001232.
Web site: – www.uhlbd.com

Number and cost of ward and cabin

The cabin and ward have a total of 450 seats.

General bed (daily) ২,০০০/-
1 Bed Deluxe (daily) ৪,৫০০/-
Deluxe Bed (daily) ১০,৫০০/-
VIP Suite (Daily_ ১৬,০০০/-
CCU / ICU (daily) ৭,৫০০/-

Different aspects of the Outdoor

In order to show a patient in this section, you must first register / register Registration / registration fee is Tk 600. Registration can also be done through the hospital web site. But the money has to come to the hospital. On the ground floor, outpatient can visit surgery, medicine, nephrology, pediatric, neurosurgery, orthopedic, nuclear medicine and cardiology doctor on the second floor and ophthalmology on the 4th floor, ENT, pulmonary, dermatology. There is ample waiting room for patients to wait.

Other services

All types of tests are available here. Has its own blood bank and ambulance service. Khaled ambulance service and Desh ambulance service are also provide ambulance to go to and from United Hospital. Skilled and trained nurses, the boy and the security guard are providing continuous care for 24 hours.

Physical Check – up Package

A total of 9 types of physical checkups are available at United Hospital. The body condition will be known by these physical checkups. Various checkups are arranged in various packages including Blood, Liver Function, Kidney Function, Urine, Analysis, X-ray, ECG, TSH, Ultrasonogram, ETT, CBC, RBC, Blood Glucose, ESR. The packages are:

Executive Basic Checkup (Male / Female) 5,500/-
Executive Premier Checkup (Male / Female) 8,000/-
Cardiac screening package 2,800/-
Diabetes checkup 4,500/-
Thyroid checkup 2,500/-

The complex operations that are performed

At one time, patients from Bangladesh had to go abroad for various operations. Now those operations are carried out successfully at United Hospital. The operations are – Cardiac, Diabetes, General Surgery, Joint Replacement, Kidney Transfer and Neuro Surgery.

The meeting ‘s time with the patient

Patients in the cabin and ward can be seen from 12.30pm to 2.00pm and from 5.30pm to 8.00pm. In addition, patients from ICU and CCU admission had their chance to meet their relatives from 12.30pm to 2pm and from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.


Medical bills can be paid via cash as well as credit card and debit card. However, the pharmacy bill has to be paid immediately while taking the medicine. It has its own generator system for uninterrupted power supply. The hospital has its own car parking system. 300 car can be parked at a time. There is no charge for this. If there is any complaint about the quality of hospital service, it can be written in the specific form and submitted to the Complaint Box. There are 9 lifts in total. Of these, 6 is for patients, 2 for meeting candidates and 1 for VIPs.

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