ICU Ambulance

ICU Ambulance or Full life support Ambulance

Basic Life Support Transport
The least educated level of transport ambulance service is the Basic Life Support or emergency medical technician (EMT) level. In our country Bangladesh, this level of service provider is referred to as an Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B).

Desh ICU Ambulance Service Dhaka

Our ICU Ambulance services that transport people based on the Department of Transportation guidelines. Our basic life support ambulances are staffed with a crew of at least one basic EMT and a first responder trained driver. We are not compromise about the minimum training level of the ambulance crew.

Desh ambulance can provide oxygen therapy, automatic defibrillation, spinal immobilization, splinting, or insertion of a multilumen airway such as the Combitube which is called ventilation system. They cannot generally administer IV fluids or medications. In addition, an EMT-B generally cannot use a laryngoscope, which is an illuminating instrument inserted into the pharynx to permit visualization of the pharynx and larynx to place an endotracheal tube or breathing tube.

But we are educated to perform general diagnostics. Lack of the cost of education and advanced equipment, and limited funding, basic life support ambulance or ICU Ambulance services is the only services available in only Dhaka city of the country. Since these services are licensed and regulated by health ministry, documentation standards for basic life support ambulance services are also available.

Advanced Life Support Transport

The highest level of education is advanced life support (ALS) or EMTP paramedic. Our emergency services are provided under the direct supervision of a physician medical director and include invasive and pharmacological therapies for injuries or illnesses. Some of these therapies include manual defibrillation, electrocardiography, end tracheal intubation, intravenous fluid therapy, and the administration of medications. Since these services involve advanced therapies, we also have requirements for comprehensive documentation. These services are almost always involved in a form of quality review by our physician medical director which includes a review of the documentation. The ambulance crew for advanced life support service is composed of at least one paramedic who has the education and skills to perform the advanced procedures. The paramedic’s documentation is more detailed than that of the EMT-B and includes a thorough systems assessment, similar to that seen in nursing assessments documented on the patient care report.

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