Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription

A new era into the IT enabled services

Medical transcription clicks a new and ornamented window to the IT enabled services in Bangladesh. It is the most exciting and vitally important career. Bangladesh is gradually trying new but steady step. Over the best couple of years, quite a few terms have ventured into this area. The payback period in medical transcription service is rather longer than in other. It related business and it is on capital and human resource intensive in nature. In the USA, federal regulation requires the physician to keep a hard copy of medical records for each patient. For practically any medical incidents, separate reports are generated for further review. In the United States,  public health is assured and looked after not by the patients but the insurance companies, who pay for the treatment, requires the physician or hospital to provide them with the patient’s medical records in case any incident crops up. This is where medical transcriptionists play a pivotal role in translating voice recorded advices and suggestions (voice file) into type out hard format (text file).

But what is it all about? Where does Bangladesh fit in with the world context? There are a lot of questions coming up in our minds. But things may turn for better if proper planning, careful grooming and monitoring are in place; at least, medical transcription services can earn a hefty amount of foreign exchange for the country. This sector may become a bright alternative way to Garments sector.

What do you need?

We need to listen to the physician’s advice in the English language, put in a voice recorder, and type it out in a fixed format. But what do we need to do that? The most important part of the job is to have a skilled human resource base, proficient in the English Language, mostly American, conversant with the ways English is spoken in different regions of the world, a firm background in English grammar, structure and style spelling, proofreading, listening ability, fair knowledge of medical terms, diseases and pathological process and above all able to type very fast and accurately. Statements are transcribed in a fixed format; but the format varies from client to client. The process also demands the physician’s advice be transcribed to a 98 percent accuracy level. The whole affair also requires advanced technology in the IT sector whereby the transfer of data (voice file) from the USA to Bangladesh and the transcript (text file) becomes efficient and less time consuming.

The ways of doing the job as medical transcription in the USA is an expensive and time consuming affair; the firms there find it easier to get the job done somewhere else in the world. In the process, usually hospitals seek the service of independent medical transcription companies, who already own the equipment and skilled transcriptions, to do the job. Owing to that transcribing physician’s advice involves fair knowledge of medical terminology, which is somewhat different from the normal way of speaking. The job requires specially trained professionals. The medical transcription industry in the USA is thus pushed to outsource most of the work to somewhere where labor cost is cheaper.

There are some firms in the USA working as the intermediary between the end users i.e. the physicians or the hospitals and the medical transcription companies, those who can transcribe the statements, sitting anywhere in the world. These intermediary companies use digital dictation equipment and provide the end-users with toll free telephone numbers. After the day’s work, or during the working hour, the end users log in to the dictation equipment and feed the advice, suggestions,  or other process for the equipment and feed the advice, suggestions, or other process for the equipment to create a digital voice file, mostly with. VOX extension. Some such companies these days also use. MP3 format which is easier to download, since things get compressed as in the case of normal. MP3 files. (The format of voice files also matter a lot as. MP3 format is the smallest in size, but the VOX is huge. The WAVE format is the largest, but the finest in voice quality. The medical transcription companies then download the voice files using FTP (File transfer Protocol) server. The system administrator of the medical transcription companies distributed the jobs to the companys transcriptionists, who then type down the whole statement in an RTF template format files. These text files are then checked by the quality controller and uploaded back to the intermediately company via the system administrator. The documents are then sent to the end users. The ordeal of the jobs is that everything has to be completed within certain the turnaround time.

The perspective of Bangladesh, for such outsourcing job, has become ideal with its completely different time. After a day’s work, a physician in the USA sends his voice files to be transcribed to this part of the world in the evening when the people of Bangladesh wakes up to do the jobs and sends the transcribed text files back in the evening to the source when the physician there begins his day. The concept of medical transcription service came into Bangladesh just a few years back. Our main advantage is cheap labor cost, a virtual 12 hour time zone difference, and our huge number of educated, unemployed youth, and our main problems lies in the lack of linguistic ability among the people. In order to employ these educated people in the transcription jobs, a through training in English grammar and punctuation, structure and style, anatomy and physiology, laboratory medicine, beginning and advanced medical language, healthcare records, medico legal and ethical issues transcription of original caregiver dictation in a variety of medical specialties, beginning and advanced technology related to medical transcription, professional development, and the opportunity for an externship (on the job training)are what immediately called for.

The state of affair

There are about half a dozen firms Interface IT, Technosoft Transcription Limited, Cyber Quest, Rebound IT. Com limited, BIMT limited, Data Trek etc. Who are doing the transcription business in Bangladesh? Few others are also chipping in view of a prospective market. This sector is still so vast and green that no single company can grab a significant chunk of the business volume. So the more firms, te more jobs and the more benefits.

Interface IT

At this juncture, the name and fame of Interface IT could be mentioned for the convenience of a better understanding about MT. interface IT has been established with a view to cope up with the challenge of new demanding fast growing carrier in the medical transcription and to ensure a beautiful and sophisticated tomorrow for the large number of unemployed educated people. This firm is doing their live work in its own production house and at the same time, the training of 3rd batch of trainee MTOs is running in full pace. The medical transcription curriculum of this firm has been designed in a planned and befitting manner that enables the students having the wide range of background engineers, doctors, agriculturists etc. to master over medical terminology and efficiency in English language with a flavor of American accent. At the moment, the firm offers a six month on job training in medical transcription (MT) at very offers a further consideration on the course fees for deserving and promising Trainee MTOs.

Fur further information you may contact: 29/16-B, Block-C, Tajmohal Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, Phone: 8117003, E mail:

 The end note

The employment outcome for medical transcription is bright one that will offer many opportunities for successful and skilled medical transcriptionists. This training curriculum should be designed in a unique and planned way that enables students to master the competencies required to secure an entry level. Position in this fast growing medical carrier area. Since the image of the local IT industry is related to the jobs procured, a sensible and careful step to deliver the best to the clients. Will ensure a bright future of the medical transcription sector.

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