An Ambulance is a route to medical emergencies

Starting a day with a team of the Medical Emergency System: a couple of accidents, a stroke and a suicide attempt in everywhere in Dhaka city.

Barely 10 minutes past 9.30 in the morning, rush hour in Dhaka. Traffic congested the city from North to South. The coordination center of the Desh Ambulance Service (Desh) warns by radio of an accident at the Mirpur 1 busy area. Ekramul Haque, territorial head of the Desh Ambulance in Dhaka city, activates the siren and changes the direction of the intervention vehicle he drives. On the roof of the car, a blue light alarm tries to disperse the crowd. It seems a minor accident, with a taxi and a motorcycle involved. “They are usually minor injuries, erosions or falls. In summer, it happens to be poorly protected, with parts of the body in the air ”, explains Haque. A medicalized ambulance and another with a technician and a nurse are also on their way.

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