Common problem in Pregnancy

Common problem at the time of Pregnancy

Fatigue and tiredness

In the first months, of pregnancy especially it is not uncommon for a normally energetic woman to feel permanently tired and lethargic, uninterested even in what is going on around her, and such fatigue is usually seen as ‘nature’s way’ of making her slow down. She is probably experiencing a sudden drop in blood pressure, her heart has to work much harder and hormonal changes may affect her energy level too. Anemia is another possible cause of tiredness in pregnancy, as are nausea and heartburn which affect how much nourishment she is getting.  Continue reading “Common problem in Pregnancy”

Common problems of Health at the time of pregnancies

A number of common problems beset even the most normal pregnancies, but most can be combated with simple self-help approaches. A number of people find that complementary and alternative therapies offer relief for many of these problems, and suggestions for this type of approach are given in the tinted columns of this section.  Continue reading “Common problems of Health at the time of pregnancies”