Why Blame Doctors Only?

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Why Blame Doctors Only?

By Dr Sabrina Rashid

Lately, many are blaming doctors for their poor service. Nobody seems to be satisfied with the doctors of our country and so they are going abroad to seek better and more satisfactory service. Not only that, doctors from a neighboring country are now regularly visiting Bangladesh to give better service to the Bangladeshi patients, who are sick and tired of local doctors! 

Since all the commodities from outside are flowing unhindered into our markets, why not doctors too? It is quite a big and good market of patients! After some time, we will bear engineers and accountants also coming into our country in the name of free market economy. It is all right of there is a fair exchange, but not otherwise.

So, doctors have earned quite a bad name now in our country. But what about other professions. Do they give very satisfactory service unlike the ‘awful’ doctors? Probably it is only the doctors who give some service at least, others hardly give any service at all, most of the time.

What about the bank employees, for example? That day, a relative of mine narrated how after waiting for hours together he could get his job done finally. The bank officer of a government bank at least came into the office after a long break, and did the job so slowly that my relative couldn’t help but to complain. At that, the officials said, “Why don’t you take your account to another bank?” What an advice! A loss not only to the bank he is working for, but also to the country, as it is a government bank.

I don’t think doctors are as bad as that! Then what about Biman employees. When we travelled to Far East, every time we were delayed before boarding the plane, never could we get on it at scheduled time and delayed not for half one hour, but for three or four hours at least. Also, the same excuse every time. “For unavoidable circumstances …!” Everybody doesn’t have so much time to waste at airports (and what a boring place it is!). Once from Calcutta we had a very difficult time confirming our tickets but on boarding the plane we were shocked to see almost half the plane empty! What a loss to the country! What is difficult to fathom is, who is being benefited by flying an empty plane? If every passenger gets a service as poor as this, who would fly on ‘Biman’ the next time? Another loss to the country.

So why blames doctors only. When each and every sector in this country are the same and it should be improved and be more patriotic.

Now let’s see how a doctor works. He or she works not only six days a week, unlike others, but also both in the morning and the evening. He or she therefore has no time to spare for his or her family, friends, relatives or recreation and hobbies. His or whole life means nothing but work and work. Even when s/he is sick or tired to his/her head on the pillow, the patients are going to suffer, for they may be sicker than the doctor.

But it is far from truth. Because when you have enough money for sustenance and when you are sick, your bed is the sweetest heaven in the earth. No amount of money can mean more than the softness of the bed at that time when a person is sick. But this poor person a doctor, has to forsake this ‘luxury’ which is but a necessity at such times, for his patients’ sake. For they may not be as sick as him but have come from far-off places and have spent money, time and energy to see the doctor. Not all of them can afford to make a second trip, if the doctors fail to turn up at work. But do they appreciate this sacrifice of the doctor? Oh, never!

To them, a doctor is a machine -he or she has to be at work round the clock, s/he can never be sick or tired. They never even bother to look at the watch when they visit the doctor and turn up when the working hours are over and demand service even if it is not an emergency. After that they want the doctor to be polite and gentle.

Another thing – if the patients want doctors’ time and attention to their satisfaction, they shouldn’t go for ordinary ailments like common cold and flu to the specialists. The rule is first to go to a general practitioner and then, if need be, the doctor will refer the patient to the specialists and will allow them time to give to more complicated cases. Misdiagnosis can also be made because of this reason for which our doctors are earning quite a bad name. But who is to be blamed?

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